La Nouba Tickets

La Nouba Tickets

Cirque du Soleil La Nouba is designed especially for Florida's Walt Disney World. Tickets to this family show offer acrobats, gymnasts, singers, and dancers. Colorful characters perform amazing feats and clowns will make the kids laugh. Buy early. Get your Nouba tickets right here.

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Cirque du Soleil La Nouba

La Nouba was designed especially for children and families with a circus like act that is truly unique. Since the later part of the new millenium, they have been performing two shows daily so there will be ample opportunity for visitors to see the series of six acts. Each is played by a variety of characters who seem to transform right on stage. Colorful sets and costumes and upbeat scores make this one of the franchise's most appealing shows.

Kids will love the storybook style birds, nuts, and clowns. In addition, there is a muscleman, ballerina, cleaning woman and even someone who is strikingly similar to Charlie Chaplin. Since they rotate out regularly you might be surprised who shows up next.

Of course, the stunts are the highlight of La Nouba with amazing entertainers performing jump rope high dive, highwire walkers, aerial cradle and ballet, trampoline, and the great flying trapeze. Flips, twists, powertrack and jugglers tossing everything from balls to rings to clubs will make you wonder just how they do it.

So what exactly does La Nouba mean? In French it means to live it up, which is just what they do in this act. The music has been so popular they finally cut an album of the show's complete assemble back in 1999 so visitors can take it home to remember every moment as if they were reliving it all over.

When it comes to fun, La Nouba has it down to an art. Fans are treated like royalty in this classic town and every detail is planned to make their visit a special treat. Planning the perfect get-away with La Nouba show tickets in hand, means you won't have to worry what your family will get to see when visiting the most popular theme park in the south in sunny Florida.