Criss Angel Believe Tickets

Criss Angel Believe Tickets

Criss Angel Believe tickets for the Cirque du Soleil Magic Show playing now in Las Vegas. Order tickets for a dangerous, exciting, comedy filled evening of unparalleled illusions from Criss Angel, the top Magician in the world. Please call 1-800-550-7556 if you prefer to order your Believe tickets by phone.

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Criss Angel Believe Information

Magician Criss Angel is the star of this astounding show. Believe includes a cast of characters direct from fairy tales and is set in the Victorian era with colorful period costumes that are a treat to the eyes. The stage was created espcially for this play and offers a variety of sets that create the backdrop for each setting. Lasting a little over two hours, it is split into six spectacular acts with an intermission. Great for children and parents with just good old fashioned clean fun, this is more than just a magic show.

So what can you expect?

Of course, first are the illusions with Criss asking questions of total strangers from the audience, then producing their answers on a piece of paper within a locked box. Next are two levitation tricks. One where the star's body is lifted and engulfed in gas, seemingly torn apart, but after the smoke clears he shows up whole and the next where he picks up a dove, disappears, then returns in the air with his own wings. In one scene he is chased by a monster, then appears inside the the creature's body. Finally, he is locked in a crate but ends up outside standing on top.

Each step of the way Believe is accompanied by spectacular scores that fill the showroom and create a suspenseful, larger than life atmosphere. One of the most loved aspects is the interactivity of the evening with cast members including the audience in their antics.

When it comes to characters, Believe offers the finest with Crimson, the evil; Kayala, the good; Lucky, the rabbit; and the ushers working with visitors. While planning your trip, get your Believe show tickets in advance rather than taking a chance of securing them once your arrive. You'll be glad you avoided the long lines and guaranteed yourself a spot at the greatest event in this desert oasis.