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Below is the 2015 Carolina Hurricanes schedule for PNC Arena. To buy tickets select the date of the Hockey game you would like to attend and you will be taken to available seating. Please call 1-800-550-7556 if you prefer to order your Hurricanes tickets by phone.

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Carolina Hurricanes Team Info

With a Championship to build on, Hurricanes seats are a top seller this season. Led by head coach Peter Laviolette, the Hurricanes are ready to take that extra shove that will get them another championship. As the off-season winds down, the team will take its new roster and put their skill to the test.

Though the Hurricanes have been around since 1972, the team truly grasped their audience in their 2000-01 season. Claiming an eighth seed playoff spot, they had a first round match-up. Although they lost their first three games, the team came back, stretching it into a six game series (only the tenth team in history to do so). Game six saw their greatest crowd ever. Even though the 'Canes lost 5-1, they were given a standing ovation by the arena after the game. In 2002 they saw a repeat first round match up, but this time Carolina came out on top. They defeated their rivals in a six game series. Moving on to the second round, winning that series as well. When they came to the Conference Final, they found themselves up against the heavily favored team. However, in game six in overtime, the 'Canes took down the Leafs, advancing them to the Stanley Cup Finals. Although the team lost, it was by far the greatest season in the team's history. Despite their stellar season, the'Canes couldn't keep their momentum. Their next two seasons saw floor level standings and attendance fall. However, after the lockout, the team came back with a jump. They shattered previous franchise records, finishing with a 52-22-8 record and 112 points, and winning the Southeast Division for the third time. Then, in the 2005-06 season, the Hurricanes made history. After an intense seven game series, the Hurricanes took home their first even Stanley Cup victory.