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Below is the 2015 Tennessee Titans schedule for Nissan Stadium. To buy tickets select the date of the Football game you would like to attend and you will be taken to available seating. Please call 1-800-550-7556 if you prefer to order your Titans tickets by phone.

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The Titans new Vince Young was one of the most electrifying college football players ever. The chance to see how the quarterback will adjust to the NFL game is reason enough to lock down a bunch of Titans seats for the season.

With more raw athletic ability than any other signal caller to come into the league since Michael Vick, Young has explosive potential. How quickly he is able to harness his talent will be the Titans' ticket back to the NFL Playoffs.

In leading his previous team to the Championship, the stocky, 6-foot-6, 240-pound hulk rewrote the record book. Defenses would know what was coming-the quarterback draw-yet had no chance in stopping it. Young ripped apart Peter Carroll's vaunted defense, rushing for 200 yards, throwing for 267 and scoring three touchdowns, including the game winner with less than 20 seconds to play. It was a heroic performance and quite possibly the greatest performance in the history of football.

But things won't be as easy for Young . That's something his new offensive coordinator, Norm Chow, knows all too well. Young took the majority of snaps out of the shotgun in spread offense. When things broke down, he would simply take off, using his strength and blinding speed to overwhelm helpless defenders. No longer will Young be the fastest and strongest player on the field. He'll need all the help he can get and there's plenty of it in Tennessee.

Chow and Titans head coach Jeff Fisher will nurture Young, slowly allowing him to take more control of the offense, much like Fisher did with future Hall of Fame quarterback Steve McNair. McNair saw limited playing time in his first two years under Fisher but developed into a perennial Pro Bowler and MVP. Now, McNair, who acted as a mentor to Young throughout his college career, has moved. The veteran has made it clear to his protégé though - he's still just a phone call away and will gladly lend a helping hand or share advice with the rookie anytime he can..

Is Vince Young the real deal? Will he blossom or bust? He's got all the tools and plenty of support to succeed, but that doesn't always equal a victory. The defenses the brash, confident young signal caller will face will make prvious defenses look like Pop Warner squads. Will he be up to the task? Find out by reserving your Titans seats today.