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Below is the 2015 New York Jets schedule for MetLife Stadium. To buy tickets select the date of the Football game you would like to attend and you will be taken to available seating. Please call 1-800-550-7556 if you prefer to order your Jets tickets by phone.

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Grab some Jets seats and join in the youth movement at the Meadowlands. Things are changing around this storied franchise, and that’s a good thing. The Jets, thankfully, received a facelift for the season. Because, let’s face it, last year was ugly in the Big Apple. Enter an enthusiastic, young new coach, Eric Mangini, who brings Super Bowl experience from his days working with living legend Bill Belichick. The youth movement continued with the addition of quarterback Patrick Ramsey. Mangini also had a solid first draft, highlighted by first-round pick D’Brickashaw Ferguson, a mammoth All-American offensive lineman.It wasn’t pretty last season, but the ugly years are in the past. There’s a rainbow on the horizon for the Jets. Will you be there to see it? Make sure to check out our vast selection of Jets tickets and join in on the youth movement in the Meadowlands.

The youngest head coach in the NFL, Mangini has the resume of a veteran sideline general. He will bring a no-excuses attitude to the Jets, something that hasn’t existed in the Meadowlands the last couple of seasons. Mangini, much like his mentor Belichick, is a tireless worker and will do whatever it takes to right the ship. 

His first and biggest task will be finding some stability at the quarterback position. The Chad Pennington era hit a roadblock last season. Pennington suffered another injury to his throwing shoulder, leaving most to believe his days are numbered. Don’t count out the former Marshall quarterback just yet. But if Pennington’s injuries pop up again, Ramsey may be the answer. After three tough seasons, Ramsey arrives with a strong arm and some experience. Mangini believes that with some protection Ramsey could be the Jets ticket back to the playoffs.

At the forefront of that protection is Ferguson. The 6-foot-7, 330-pound tackle is a solid building block for the Jets to begin their resurrection. Not only is Ferguson a steady pass protector, but he also has a habit of opening up gaping holes for the running game. That’s music to veteran running back Curtis Martin’s ears.

The foundation is being laid, and the architect likes what he sees. Mangini thinks a turnaround isn’t that far off and could happen in his first year at the helm. Are the playoffs a pipedream or could the postseason be just over the horizon for the Jets? The City of New York is itching for Jets to return to prominence. It’s going to take a major makeover and some contributions from some unlikely suspects. But if players like Ramsey, Ferguson and Martin can deliver, a visit to the postseason for the Jets could be not too far away.