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NBA Finals Tickets

NBA Finals Tickets

2013 NBA Finals tickets match up the top two teams from the season for the final challenge. Tickets are delivered prior to the date of the game. Select your team and a date below to view tickets.

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The NBA Finals Information

When two professional basketball teams complete their journey to the NBA Finals, they have proven that they are the best teams in the league at that moment. Yes, reaching the top is a matter of getting and staying hot at the right time. But guess what? Only the great teams have the talent to do that after a long, grueling season. When you purchase NBA Finals tickets, you’ve assured yourself the pleasure of witnessing the best the sport has to offer. From the great teams of the 60’s up to today’s great Piston teams, there is nothing like a team poised for greatness.

The NBA Finals were first held in 1947. That year, the Philadelphia Warriors of Ed Gottlieb defeated the Chicago Stags coached by Harold Olsen, four games to one. Warriors guard, "Jumpin' Joe" Fulks won the newly formed Basketball Association of America's scoring title at 23.2 ppg.  On the Chicago Stag side, Max Zaslofsky averaged 14 ppg. As an aside, Zaslofsky was named NBA-First-Team for 1946/47 at the age of 20.

Great basketball continued to spread as the NBA grew and matured. Players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and, of course Michael Jordan were just a few of the great stars that displayed their awesome talents for the entire country to see. As visible and hyped as the NBA Finals are today, there was a time in the 70’s when the Finals were carried on tape delay television in many markets. Thankfully, the NBA recovered from that sad period, with the help of superstars like Bird, Johnson and Michael Jordan. When this talented trinity came along, interest in the NBA and “The Finals” exploded into our national sports consciousness along with the help of ESPN and their “Sportscenter” television show.

Have you purchased NBA Finals game tickets? Are you planning to? If you do, be sure to sit back and enjoy the truly magnificent thrill of seeing NBS stars battle to achieve their lifetime goal. When the two teams left standing walk out on the hardwood, you’ll be witnessing the very best of professional sports. Back in 1947, fans in Chicago and Philadelphia enjoyed that same thrill. Now, it’s your turn.