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The 76ers have had a rough time in the NBA the past few years and they are finally beginning to hit calmer waters now that legendary player and fan favorite Maurice Cheeks is steering the ship from the coaching seat. Even though 2006 did not see the success that the team had hoped for, Cheeks knows his players and he knows how to win, so there are once again high hopes.

Now that Samuel Dalembert has more experience and trust from his coach, Kyle Korver is taking high percentage shots, and Chris Webber realizes the kinds of things he needs to do to see his team get the wins, the 76ers are once again on the right track. The recent success or failure of the Sixers though has rested on the shoulders of Allen Iverson, and now that he has a coach he can trust and all his teammates knowing where they fit into Maurice Cheek’s system, the 76ers have nothing but positive aspects for their team and their fans.

Playing in the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division helps the 76ers because many see their only real competition in the division is one team. Although, all the other teams have made positive moves and continue to improve, only the 76ers are seen to be at a playoff level right now. But even if they make it, neither Jason Kidd nor Vince Carter is likely to allow Allen Iverson and teammates an uncontested shot at the division title.

One of the most famous Sixers to have played the game, would have to be the highly opinionated TNT host, Charles Barkley. Drafted by the Sixers as the fifth overall pick, Barkley started his career along side players like Maurice Cheeks himself and the legendary Dr. J, but failed to make it to the Finals in Philadelphia. He and the team were close in 1990 and 1991, but both times they lost. Interestingly enough, when Barkley finally did get to it he won the MVP award, Jordan also dashed his hopes of becoming an Champion.

The season is long and unpredictable, especially during the final stretch. Whether it is a better seeding or they are playing for pride, the teams have a lot at stake at that point in the season. So if you want to see if the 76ers and “The Answer” have what it takes to navigate the season and shoot their way to the top, you need to get those 76ers seats early.