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The Pacers have been one of the few teams you can count on being in the playoffs since 1990. In that span the team has been there 14 out of 15 times. They've become a fixture in the postseason and for many years their shooting guard Reggie Miller carried the team. Miller is arguably the most clutch sharpshooter of all time. He once scored eight points in 8.9 seconds at the end of game 1 in the second round in 1995. When Reggie would come to town fireworks would always go off. He would regularly get into verbal matches against acclaimed film director Spike Lee. One time during a game Reggie hit a big shot looked over to Lee and put his hands around his own throat saying that the opposition was choking down the stretch. Miller still has the same personality and the same ability to hit the big shot but he wasn't able to carry his team on his own anymore and that's when power forward/center Jermaine O'Neal came onto the scene. O'Neal has been dominating the East in the under the basket for three years now.

Last year the Pacers had their best regular season in franchise history. The team finished with a 61-21 record. Indiana dominated the regular season and earned themselves the number one seed in the East and it was due, in large part, to the play of Jermaine O'Neal. He averaged 20.1 points, 10 rebounds and 2.6 blocks per game on his way to finishing third in MVP voting.

In the off-season, like many teams, the Pacers were active in the free agent and trade markets. The team had been one of the contenders to land Shaq at the beginning of the summer but didn't land him. The team then helped out their back court, and some say hurt their front court, by trading for Stephen Jackson and sending Al Harrington in exchange for him. They also lost Primoz Brezec to the expansion draft. In the draft the team knew they had to find a replacement for Brezec and they found it with their first round pick center David Harrison. Harrison is a big kid at 7' 260 lbs. and has the experience under his belt of playing three years in college and isn't a project that the Pacers will have to wait on. More than likely he will log some valuable minutes for Indiana.