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Madonna's 2015 Rebel Heart Tour

Madonna is kicking off her new 2015-2016 Rebel Heart Tour in Miami with the tour running through January of next year. She is currently scheduled to perform in 35 cities, but new dates are being added frequently, so please check back often for the updates.

Set lists feature songs from her latest album, along with fan favorites from over the years. New releases include her top ten "I'm Madonna", "Living For Love", "Illuminati", "Ghost Town", "Joan of Arc", and more.

Madonna Keeps Us Guessing

The excitement for this concert is generated because Madonna's fans never know what to expect of her next. She burst onto the scene in the 1980's with catch dance scenes. Her next album surprised everyone with power ballad's addressing social issues. Since that time, she has reinvented herself for each album. She has done techno-pop, light rap, and even a country-music song. During this time, she has also starred or appeared in several movies, including the femme fatale Verite in the James Bond thriller Die Another Day. It's easy to see her experience with visual presentation in her stage performances. They are always visually stunning, fresh, and impressive. No matter how many times you've seen Madonna perform, you will find her latest tour a new and exciting experience.

Madonna tickets are hot and so is the Material Girl. This rock icon has been thrilling audience for years now but Madonna never grows stale. With an arsenal of hit tunes and a battery of new material, Madonna is on the road again and fans are clamoring to get their hands on Madonna tickets to see the latest incarnation of the daring diva.

About Madonna

From humble beginnings as one of seven children in a Michigan family, Madonna has become a world renowned entertainer.  She has conquered both music and movies successfully.  Her flare for the provocative has made her a star selling millions, and millions of records.  At times she seemed to be more important than her music, but over twenty years of selling records has proven that Madonna has phenomenal talent and staying power.  From the material girl, to vogue, to banned videos on mtv, to starring in movies along side Hollywood heavyweights Warren Beatty .Sean Penn, and Tom Hanks, and to her latest album Confessions on a Dance Floor Madonna finds a way to entertain.

A recording artist and a musical entertainer is what Madonna has become famous and at time infamous.  Pushing the boundaries of the status quo is the norm for Madonna, and this attitude is what enables her to put on thrilling and provoking shows that sell out all over the world.  Constantly changing musical styles and reinventing her image is what makes her one of the most influential artists over the last twenty years.

Starting out as a dancer in school she made the transition to music in the early 1980’s and had smash hits with Material Girl and Like a Prayer.  Her antics at her live concerts became famous.  Madonna soon became a fashion icon as well.  Taking her charisma from her music and live acts Madonna made the transitions to the big screen.  With a successful movie career including the hit A League of Their Own Madonna never strayed far from her musical roots singing on the soundtrack for the movie.

With her latest tour Madonna concert tickets are an entrance to witness another new Madonna persona. From material girl to motherhood to outspoken musical legend, Madonna has redefined her image time and again. If you think you know Madonna think again. Your Madonna tickets have a surprise waiting for you.

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