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Team Information and History

Mike, the live tiger who lives right across the street from LSU’s Stadium has been an integral part of Louisiana State University college basketball tradition since 1936. Fans across the United States rush to buy LSU Tigers basketball tickets in anticipation every year and the school’s rich background and winning tradition is the driving force behind skyrocketing ticket sales.

The Tigers got their name in a decision made by coach A.W. Jeardeau in the fall of 1896. The name “Tigers” seemed like a natural choice at the time since most college teams were taking on the names of intimidating and ferocious animals, but the true story of LSU’s athletic title is buried in Civil War history.

According to historical Civil Wartime experts, the name Tigers was birthed from a volunteer company nicknamed the Tiger Rifles, which became organized in New Orleans. The company joined a bigger battalion led by Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat and were the only soldiers wearing a colorful Zouave uniform and in time, the entire battalion was referred to as the Tigers. The nickname caught on as time sped by and soon the nickname was given to all of Robert E. Lee’s Louisiana troops. The symbol of the tiger originated from the well-known Washington Artillery of New Orleans, a militia which traces its history all the way back to the 1830s. Their logo was of a snarling tiger’s head and they first became recognized at the Battle of First Manassas in 1861. The logo became associated with LSU when Major David Frech Boyd became the first president of the school. Boyd was a veteran of the recently-fought war, and after fighting alongside Louisiana troops, was well aware of the reputation of the Tiger Rifles and Washington Artillery.

The famous live Bengal tiger is the graphic image of all LSU athletic teams and has long been the official mascot on campus. Before every home game at LSU fans still line up to visit Mike the Tiger and attempt to get a roar out of him, a reaction that traditionally is an omen of good luck for the home team.

Of course a large part of what makes LSU college basketball so popular is the leadership of Coach John Brady who makes sure his players live up to the reputation of LSU basketball and the players that have gone before. One of the most famous of LSU Alumni is Shaquille O’Neal. In December 2000, former LSU basketball player and current superstar Shaquille O'Neal earned his Bachelor’s Degree. On his graduation day, O'Neal walked across the stage wearing his XXXL black gown and scarf reading, “Shaq Is Finished”! By graduating, O'Neal was intent on setting a positive example, especially for other student-athletes. "It teaches that education is always important," he explained in an interview. His legacy is currently doing him proud, student-athletes like Brandon Bass, a starter on the LSU basketball team chose to forego the Draft after his freshman year so that he could live his dream of playing ball, but still make sure he had a future in education.

LSU basketball tickets and the Maravich Center are a home cooked Gumbo of top quality SEC basketball. Hit the tailgate party, visit Mike the Tiger, and then mambo across the oak filled campus to the Maravich Center for the best college basketball in the south.