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Big East Tournament

Below is the Big East Basketball Tournament schedule. To buy tickets select the date of the game you would like to attend and you will be taken to available seating. If you prefer to buy your tickets by phone, please call 1-800-550-7556.

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Big East Tournament Information

Sales of Big East Basketball Tournament tickets will not be handled from the venue of Madison Square Garden this year as every ticket for the tourney has been purchased by Big East member schools. Year after year the Big East is one of the most highly contested conferences around conference championship time. This is shown most poignantly in the fact that no team has won the outright conference title back to back this decade and more over because two of the last three National Championships reside in Big East schools. Since its inception in 1979, the Big East Conference has sent on dozens of alumni to the NBA. Georgetown alone is responsible for greats such as Ewing, Mourning and Iverson. Superstar Carmelo Anthony came out of a superb Syracuse program only a few years ago. Those taking the floor this year to compete for the Big East crown will most certainly be names to know in the big leagues in years to come.

This year’s Big East Tournament will feature among others, two teams that are primed for National Championship contention. The first of which is the University of Connecticut Huskies. This team has been at the top of the power rankings not only in the Big East but nationally as well for the past 4 seasons. In 2004 the Huskies were unstoppable. Riding the broad shoulders Emeka Okafor U Conn overpowered apponents in the Big East and despite loosing some of their seniors over the past two seasons, watch for the Huskies to leave their paw print on the 2006 Big East Tournament.

Another team to watch in this year’s tourney will be the one currently sitting atop the Conference standings, the Villanova Wildcats. The Cats have gone on an inspired 10-0 runs late this season and are looking more like the 1985 squad that edged out fellow Big East team Georgetown (66-64) for the national championship. Led by senior guard Allen Ray, Villanova is primed for a Conference Final battle and potential deep dive into the NCAA tournament. This is not to belittle the competition in a conference that could be sending as many as seven teams to the big dance. No doubt though, the Wildcats are a top reason that Big East Basketball will be a March must watch.

Big East Basketball Tournament tickets may not be available at Madison Square Garden box offices on March 8th, but you’ll never have a better excuse to go back for your degree and get those sweet student discounts. With teams like Syracuse, U Conn and Pittsburg already ripe in the traditions of winning the expectations of ballers and boosters alike will know no limits. There are those who say that the Big East Tourney is a table setting for the ACC champions to dine on. However, those who follow Big East basketball know all to well that the fierce action they witness in the conference championship more times than not lately is simply a prelude to National nets being cut down by the same teams. So don’t let the Dickey V’s of the world fool you another year and make the contacts necessary to find your butt in a seat in “The Big Apple” for the Big East Basketball Tournament.