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Below is the 2016 ACC Basketball Tournament schedule. To buy tickets select the date of the game you would like to attend and you will be taken to available seating. If you prefer to buy your tickets by phone, please call 1-800-550-7556.

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ACC Basketball Tournament Information

It’s not rare for ACC Basketball Tournament game tickets to be found on the listing of willed items from a father to a son or even in the middle of a high stakes poker table surrounded by tens of thousands of dollars. What is it about the events that will take place in Greensboro Coliseum on March 9th that drive people to such lengths? Well, without a proper psychiatric professional to consult, one still may find the answer amazingly rudimentary…love. The simple love the players, teams, school, conference and game is so focused and without bound that the word fan can’t hope to fill the definition. From recruiting gurus that form teams capable of going .500 in the NBA to rivalries predestined by proximity to be the best in sports, there is ample material to argue that ACC Basketball tournament is one of if not the most anticipated event in college sports today.

Greensboro, N.C. will have the esteemed duties of containing all the raw gut-churning emotion of this year’s tourney. You can be assured that all residing or flocking there for this event hold fresh the recent wondrous memories of previous ACC games. Just a couple years back a #3 seeded Duke Blue Devil team tore through the ACC Tourney en route to a Conference win and a near miss in the national tournament. Their ACC Champion track was littered with strong teams that fell to the Devil’s precision shooting such as Virginia, the rival Tarheels of N.C., and finally a terribly overmatched N.C. State team who fell 84-77. With J.J. Reddick breaking records right and left this season, don’t count on the Blue Devils passing up a net cutting in Carolina.

One of the best finishes to an ACC Basketball Tournament was in 1996. Fittingly that season the top two teams in the conference found their way to eachother for the final game. Wake Forest and the Georgia Tech Yellow jackets (#2 and #1 seeds respectively) faced off in what turned out to be an instant classic for the ACC crown. Wake Forest eked out a 75-74 win and went along with Georgia Tech to the Big Dance where they both watched Rick Pittino’s Kentucky teams take the national title. The truth of this season is that these teams stand a very good chance of meeting again this season in Greensboro in the Semi finals or perhaps again for the ACC tournament.

ACC Basketball tickets may be worth a mint to the great supporter of the programs that make up the charmed conference but they hold their worth as well for the fan of great sports in each and every one in the country. It can be said the ACC basketball is far and away the best by collegiate conference in the country, and after it is said and no one challenges the statement, it can be said in addition, to be able to watch these teams battle is far and away the best college basketball experience to be had.